Thursday, May 7, 2009

ReFresh Button: Sigh

Isn't it weird sometimes how life is.

One day we could feel like complete trash. Nothing going for us, or nothing to live for, down and out.

The next day we could be on top of the world and in complete satisfaction in what is happening in life.

The differences between day one and day two were absolutely NOTHING.

It was all about outlook.

I sort of laugh at days that I am down and out. They really mean nothing to me, and I shouldn't give them any more thought than, just to get past. I try and focus on all that I have, and all I have been blessed with. Those are the things that are CONSTANT. Family. Kids. Home. Dreams. God. Those are the things that do not change between day to day.

I see people sometimes have a "negative" outlook or attitude. Man is that annoying. Seriously. Its like they have a "bone to pick" with LIFE. The justified person that sees life as half empty. I do not need any of that. I love my life. (and I do admit, i have it easier than some) But I was never one to "scrooge" my way through the day.

I am very tired today. My eyes feel heavy (though not as heavy as my wife's as she feeds our son in the middle of the night) But for some odd reason, I feel very refreshed. Like someone was sitting at the computer, My LIFEPAGE is on their screen, and they just pressed the refresh button at the top of the page.

This stripped everything back to blank. and put everything back up. Background. Titles. Images. text. Like you could see everything that got you where you are. every piece of your life.

Obviously I didn't think or see everything, but I encourage you to think about this. Think about why you are standing, or sitting where you are. and how you got there. What paths you took. think about all the great things that led you to NOW.

I hope most of you smile.

Because you are currently LIVING LIFE. And if you are busy frowning, reflect. pray. and try hitting the refresh button.

take a deep breath.