Friday, February 4, 2011


Levi Drake was born early. Premature and small.

Family all deceased in a house fire.

Jon Russel, a local fireman, found the baby in its crib, eyes, closed, with an ashy blanket on him. His skin covered in a light charcoal color. He opened his eyes, they were a beautiful ember color.

It was a miracle. An anomaly.

Slowly as he cooled, and Jon rocked him, His color slowly faded to normal. His limbs first, up to his body, then head, then mouth was the last thing to turn.

So the community would not know, the boy was secretly taken out and raised by Jon Russel as his own.

It was a secret that only 4 firefighters knew. They including the Captain, Jon, Mark, and a new recruit, young Lucas.

Jon Russel, along with his wife raised the baby as well as they could. They loved him as if he was their own. they loved him knowing how special he was. They named him Levi Drake Russel.

It wasn’t until later in his life when he discovered his power. And learned about his past.

This is Ember

A young man now, Levi lives his life in constant struggle.

His power of breathing fire is something very difficult to control. He knows that it is something that can cause great pain, and has learned that for now, getting angry is the only way that it comes out. His mouth coats itself with a harder material, the color of a light charcoal, so that his skin is not effected by this. it grows as he uses his power. it can be seen around his mouth sometimes, looking almost like a birthmark. but as his thoughts collect, and his emotions cool, it slowly goes away.

Though breathing fire can be physically explained by the different chemicals found in his body. (the glands in his throat/the extra lung in his body) he does his best not to do it.

The first time he did, his apartment almost burnt down.

These are the stories of Levi's life, and his discovery. as he tries his best to find his place.