Thursday, June 25, 2009

Moving in the Right Direction

Just thought I would update a bit on the current projects I am working on. It has been a while since mentioning fully, but since this is titled "ideas's" from mars, I thought that maybe an update is in order.

The World Within My Walls.

Geoff is currently plugging away with re-writes. Several months ago we had put the book aside after finishing it and basically took a break to think about other things. I dabbled with my other child "Disciple 6" for a bit, as he continued to work on some things also. Now more recently (a month or 2 ago) we dove back in, with a fresh outlook, and new thoughts and ideas on things. It has been amazing again since then. Everything seems to be falling into place, things we once questioned have been changed for the better, or small parts have been added to make the story more fluid. I can't wait to see what Geoff has been doing, and slowly but surely The World Within My Walls seems to be writing itself...... and that's a good thing.

Disciple 6.

Andrew Budnick recently graduated from Kendal. with his newly found art degree in hand (not literally) we met for the first time at Panara Bread. He seemed like a nice kid, really eager to learn about the story, or if he could have the job of being the artist. He brought several pencils he had done, including some finished work. It was very well done, schooled, and I could see the raw talent, with obvious schooled applications. It didn't stop there. I wanted to get to know him a bit more. I mean, no one really likes working with people they don't get along with right? His love for superheroes was an obvious, and his dream of someday penciling a Wolverine book is encouraging. But when he muttered some words about Masters of the Universe Classics...... That's when I was sold. (for those who don't know MOTUC is the new toy line for collectors of He-Man figures) I thought, I could definitely work with this kid! I mean, have you ever met someone who was a He-Man freak who wasn't genuinely a great guy?!?! (ahem....)

so, as much as I am an "ok" artist...... The Rook went from......

to ........

So, as you can see I am very impressed. You can check out his blog and some of his other work at

Seriously though, seeing my creations take form like this. Seeing his interpretation of my ideas, and characters has been amazing this past couple of weeks. Soon submissions to the comic book publishing company, and who knows, maybe you will see our book get published. I am currently writing Issue 2 titled "Amazing Grace". If you want to read any more about the actual outline, it can be found in last years December blog.

So there you have it. Slowly but surely my hobby and love is turning into so much more. Thanks to Geoff, and now Andy.

PS. Its my fathers birthday today. He is 66. I couldn't have asked for a better father.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

McKinley Ave.

So, things are going pretty good in the Rodriguez' household. Ella is becoming such a good helper. She lets the dog out for us, and helps with the little one. She really loves being the big sister. Sophia is occasionally making her naked butt all the way to the bathroom to go pee. She gets really excited to go potty and pulls off whatever clothes she can. Ella never had the "run around naked and laugh" stage. Sophia Grey is apparently going to. She has a couple more teeth that are coming in so those were bothering her last night. Little Levi Drake is crying less and less at night giving Rachel a little more time to sleep. His little gentleman personality is showing more and more each day. Rachel is walking around in her new shoes :) and is back in the swing of things called JC PENNY. Her new clippers work "amazing" she tells me. As for me, things are going well, I am a bit tired, but its my own fault. I have a new love.... Its called, "Supernatural" a tv show my friend B turned me on to. It has that undeniable quality called the "hardy boy factor" that I really love. The brotherly banter, and the mystery is all I need. Basketball also starts tomorrow. Every Wednesday night Taylor, my brother in-law and I will take our NBA skills to the local Holland Civic Center, and prove to the rest of the city...."we got game" My comic book titled Disciple 6 is coming along very very smoothly. Andy Budnick, a local Kendall graduate has taken the reigns on the art for it, and I have been more than pleased with what he has come up with. I will be posting some sketches he has done, along with logo art, and title work that we may or may not use. But overall, his vision for the project, along with Geoff's script for it seem to be meshing as well as it could. I have always felt confident in my creations, but this comic is building up to be something great.

That is what is going on lately on McKinley Ave. The Rodriguez family is living, loving, and having as much fun as possible. Now the ten:

10. Kobe should never push out his jaw
9. The timing belt/water pump myth is getting annoying
8. Marriage is easy, if you are married to the right person
7. LeBron James is a child in a mans body. I have very little respect for him
6. Marv continues to sell more cars than the people that work for the company.
5. I should pray more than I do
4. Money is necessary. But I will never love it.
3. Owning a home is fun, there is always something to do. (tired face)
2. I haven't spent money on toys in a very long time. this is a good thing.
1. Hungry Howies has the best meatlovers pizza I have ever had. They also have, by far, the worst pizza EVER to re-heat. Its disgusting