Monday, December 22, 2008

More Michigan weather and Disciple Six

Greetings ladies and gentlemen on this blizzorious Michigan Monday. As much as I love this weather, it's when it doesn't stop that gets a little annoying. After two days, I am to that point. Thinking about the California weather that my brother is in. He is probably freezing at a low 72.

Today we are going to be talking about the project that is probably closest to my heart. Though I think TWWMW's is slightly older than this idea, This is the one that I worked on through High School. This is the one I feel is soooooo amazing. Maybe because it's so simple.

This is Disciple 6.
God bless Bob Ward. Where ever you are. I have tried so hard to get into contact with this guy. Bob is an amazing artist. From what I remember he was a Spawn and Batman lover. He also is to thank for the new Hudsonville Hawkeye logo from a few years back. (a competition he won) I went to Careerline Tech Center with Bob. we bother were in Graphic Art and Design. He was that guy with the "raw" talent. So we joked around a bit in class, and created a group called Disciple 6. (I am not sure what parts he was involved with so forgive me) I just know that we both came up with the people, and the "powers". (and some of those eventually changed) His main creation i remember was Vionne. (who is still the leader) I do know there was a character named Mason, who had guns, that is not in the script. (at the time I was a HUGE fan of Maverick)

I guess all I am trying to say is that this ORIGIN story can not be told without Bob. Because I didn't start this by myself. Besides that beginning I have never seen the kid again. It's the type of situation where I have tied to contact him because I want him to do the art. Anyone see him, let me know.

Now the origin stories of the characters. The overall theme are my babies. Slowly molded for the past 8 years. Everything slowly coming together. They have always been there.

Lets start on the note of Spawn. (for Bob) There are a cast of characters through out comic books that have to do with Apocalyptic or Hell type of situations. Spawn and Ghost Rider are the two main ones that come to mind, but i know that there are more. Situation is: Guy dies. Goes to Hell. Satan says, here are some powers, you can go back, if you do what I tell you to. Guy goes back with powers....... AND DECIDES to be a good guy!!! yeahhhhh. wow. that's cool. (slightly sarcastic) oh yeah. HELLBOY. that's another one with sort of the same story. Now lets beat up Satan!!! Yeah. :

So. I got to thinking. People in general (the secular world) is totally down with this story cause its cool. I want people to die. GO TO HEAVEN and have God give them bad ass powers. (cause he could right???) Though that is not at all the point of my stories. that is what happens. They die. they get powers and come back. Cool right? There is still so much more.

The characters think that it is an "apocalyptic" story. So at times some of them have a bit of an annoying "he is coming soon" attitude. But that's not what its about. Let me break it down because I know my thoughts are kind of sporadic.
Six people die. All at different points in time. All very tragic. All very raw. Each death goes hand and hand with their "gift":


Zacheus / Z
unknown time : unknown death : Advanced body and mind


Roberto Ward
Medieval time period : Killed from behind : Ability to create a "forceshield" with his arm

Anthony Childress
1852 : Killed by his slave owner : Bones are unbreakable


Able Kissinger (on the right)
1957 : Died in school fire : Ability to create explosive energy


Leonard Maddox
2001 : Killed by white suits : Mutant wings


Michelle Chambers

Not so distant future : Raped and killed walking home from hospital : Ability to heal

Z is the only one we do not see a "glimpse" of his past. He currently has no origin story other that, he says he is zacheus from the bible. You know, the wee little man. Sometimes the others are not so sure if he is, or if he is just crazy.

So. Robert is Stabbed. Anthony shot by his owner. Able saved a little girl at the school. Leonard was hunted down. Michelle was a student and nurse in Chicago. I do not want to shy away from any of there origins. They all mean so much to why they are the way they are. Michelle prays while her tragedy is happening, please God, heal me...... (get it?)

The Library.

God is not seen in this series. (visually) Either is Satan. They are talked about. Talked to. But this is about here. I want to find a fine line of preaching, but not. Know what I mean? I think that i could make this whole thing very compelling, but flirt at points with people either saying, "That's Christian crap" or "This is too bad to be a christain book" I want to flirt with that line because of the book of Matthew. (the why would a doctor hang out with healthy part, man i can't remember the address!)

The Library is the good book. It is the book of all of the names that are in Heaven. It is a beautiful huge room full of books. Each alpha by country. The ladder that slides across and everything. I thought that this would be a great visual to represent the book, and also be there to use as a meeting spot. There is the curator/keeper to the room. An angel of sorts. this is the closest these 6 get to heaven. This is where they are told, that they have been chosen to go back. Another great plot for the "Book" is that at the end of the first story arc, the angel is sitting in a big chair, and the "Narrator" voice says. "They do not know what they have gotten themselves into...." In the back ground you see an empty spot on the wall. There are two beautiful books right to the left of the empty spot. It reads "The Book of Angels Vol. 1/3" And 2/3. The third one is missing, representing the third of angels that left heaven when Satan decided to leave. Right there I sort of have endless ideas in what to do with the future. But as of right now, this is all about the origins, and the "Libertine" story arc.
Anyways there is so much more to tell about it. But I will say one thing. I draw everything "superhero" ish. So don't let the images scare you. I really don't know what format this is going to be in. But I do have a soft spot for comics.
Let me know what you think. You can email me at or just let me know by leaving a comment on here! Thanks! Disciple Six characters and story lines copyright ideasfrommars 2008.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow and a TOP 5 Countdown

Right now we are having the most exciting snow fall in Michigan. It's amazing. Not only do I get to brush off 90 cars of snow at the lot, I get to shovel a bit too. Anyways. I thought I would write a bit about what is going on with my life. Not only is this blog for JUST the ideas that I have in my mind. But lets track somethings that have been going on in my life lately! Top 5 count down style:

5. Selling cars. Its been a good month so far. Work at the lot is coming along for me, and I am appreciating this job more and more.

4. The World Within My Walls. The current novel project with best bud and co-creator Geoffrey Haney is going great. Check out the progress at Everything is just rolling along. We have the project out to agents right now. We are hoping soon to get some stuff back. Keep checking in for updates. (we also have some new "promo pics" on the site. By promo pics I do not mean pictures of drawings in the book, I mean pics of US!! (thanks wifey)

3. Kids. My wife and I are expecting another child here in April of 09. Levi Drake will come into the world, and know fully he will be destined to always be better than his older cousin Caleb at EVERYTHING. We are so excited for our families kids (Ella, Sophia, Levi, Ava, Xavier((or whatever the heck Ashley named him)) Caleb, Paul, Tyler, Beverly and Abigael) to all grow up together.

2. Nicknames. Over the years I have been called many things. My mom would say to you that my ONLY name is Matthew. There is no Matt here. Time has passed and they went from Rico, to Rodrigo, to Rod, Roddy...... High School came around and Rod was stuck (Mostly because of Mr Meilke) Post high school they evolved to a Mattybones (which is most used), the mostly never used "Straight edge". Because of my lack of alcohol and drugs in my system. The "pappa rod" a YWAM classic and the Marv's car lot special "Sketchy" Because that's all I do here (besides sell cars obviously) I guess what I am saying is that I like it that I am not just MATT. Just too plain if you ask me.

1. House. This year I purchased a house for my wife for Christmas. I am so happy, and excited to move in, and begin this next chapter in our lives together. With our kids, and our dog Lennon. It is a beautiful house on McKinley, and believe me soon enough all of you will be invited to come and spend time with us. Finally I have space to put up my toys. :)

I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas. Take care and God bless. Thanks for reading this, and being a part of my life.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

How ideas fall into place.

A lot of my ideas form at random moments. I try my hardest to keep them. Store them up inside and save them for later. I have always loved Sesame Street. My favorite characters were Ernie, and Grover. I remember watching VHS recordings of countless episodes that my mom would record for us. (along with some Zubilee Zoo) Ever since I was young I have always wanted to create a puppet show for children. You know, teaching lessons. Morals. Biblical principles. Things like that. ----side note---- look up Quigley's Village. By far one of the best children's ministries to come out of the church.

I created something called "The Webster Show" when I was attending Indiana Wesleyan University. The Webster Show was my original thoughts for this puppet show. It would include: Webster. Picture Ernie from Sesame Street as a young boy. that sort of puppet/kid look. wearing a ball cap, shirt, and smile. Webster has a sister named Emma. Emma adores her brother, and looks up to him. Webster loves his sister dearly and always tries to be the hero. Emma also has a blanket she calls Samson. Her blanked has frillies all around the edges that she thinks looks like hair. Emma and Samson have a very "Calvin and Hobbes" relationship. Whenever Webster, Parents or even the dog Jellyroll is around the blanket appears to be just a blanket. But when she is alone. Talking through a problem, or just needs to say something, the blanket flips, and it has eyes and a mouth, and talks back to her. Sort of a conscience. Webster has a best friend. And the parents are only ever shown by just "voices" (having legs on stage)

This idea has been with me for 6 years. Off and on I randomly draw the blanket. But though I felt it was a good idea, I have never really touched it at all. until a couple months ago.

This past year I was asked to lead the 6th grade group at Gateway Community Church. After talking about it with my wife, we decided to do it together. I couldn't be happier about it. We have a small group, and we are learning a lot together. Them, and us. We decided a new name for the group. inQuest. with a motto: in route, in spire, in tune.....
A while back I worked on a bulletin for our group to tell the church what we had been learning about. It was all about discovery in our group. And exploration. I found a piece of clip art to place in the program. I really liked the image, and thought that maybe I could draw my own version of it. Soon I realized. I drew Webster.

From here on everything sort of fell into place. That night I drew out all of the characters in the show. From Emma to Samson.

Jellyroll to Manning the moon monster (Websters best friend)

And Mannings pet Glopple.
So here we are now. Maybe someday I will make the actual puppets. Maybe someday we will do little puppet shows in front of the church, or for just the little kids. Soon I will show you pictures of Webster and Emma, but why spoil you all in one post?
What once began as an idea called the webster show, seems now to be almost fully formed as "The Webster Robot Show"
The Webster Robot Show characters and ideas copyright 2008 ideasfrommars

Thursday, December 11, 2008

a thought formed in Africa

I promised readers I would share some of my thoughts and stories. hence the blog title. So, here I go. Opening things up to you.

While I was in Africa on a mission trip for 2 months, thoughts started to form from several things. First being the armor of God. Being creative, and descriptive, I have always found this passage in the bible very cool. The breast plate, shoes, sword.... all of it... The second was that a great bond was formed in the group. living for 6 months with 5 other guys (2 of the months overseas) we got to know each other quite well. I noticed that each of us represented a piece of the armor very well. For example, I was the shield. I am very protective, and I love to take care of people. On the negative side I tend to be over protective at times, maybe even overbearing. Each of us have the good qualities of the "part of the armor" we are. and each of us have, or in my story I slightly add one of those characteristics. After all of that. This is formed. (before I go into it, a thanks is needed for Brandon, Zach, Matthew, Christoffer and Cody. Thank you all for the friendship, and the brotherhood. I love you guys.)

The Search for the Truth
_project file: providence_

(formerly demon hunters)

There is a crack in Hell. Deep within the furthest wall in the hidden dimension. There is a crack in Hell. What are numbers really? What are souls? What are they worth? If some dead souls were to escape, who would know? A crack big enough for the spirits to get back through, but small enough for Satan himself to not even notice. How will the world react? Would things just all go "evil"? Or on the second time around would they do something different? Maybe change their method. Since now they have hindsight. They see the whole other dimension of things. There is a crack in Hell. Things are slowly going the way of suffering.

Zach sat at his computer. He called the room his "lab". Most of us refer to it as a basement. He worked out of home as a tech for the CIA. He was noted the smartest there was. But his people skills were lacking. He was an introvert. A suit and tie didn't feel right to him. He never accomplished anything when he was in the office. But is the lab. That was a different story. He owns a 3 bedroom home in Chicago. Nice neighborhood. But in his parents basement is where he flourished, so it was only natural. The lab. An urgent email he opened tonight is what changed his life forever.

Marcus woke up in his yard. His eyes were blurry but slowly focused. He stood up and walked towards his house. As he walked up the brick sidewalk he realized he was nude. Not again. Gasps came from across the street. "What?" He turned and said. After 2 Olympic games, and 9 gold medals he was definitely use to being looked at. His recent run in with alcohol was not helping the situation. He sat at his computer with a cup of coffee, knowing that within hours he was not going to like what he saw on YouTube. inbox. "I know who you are...." was the subject title from a swell901. Marcus opened it.

Another night in Philadelphia for Levi. Or as people in the city called him, "Crusader". He stood above the city. He protected it. The pay phone below him rang. He jumped down a few window sills and answer it. They new how to get a hold of him. "We need you to come in" "When?" "NOW." huh. Usually there is a bit of banter. Must be serious. With that Levi headed for the alley. Cooperation is the only reason he is still out here. So he listened. Must be serious.

Cody is under the hood of a car. This is where He has been for a few years now. It's peaceful. It's where he felt he should be. Rightfully or not. He struggled a bit with no left hand in tact. All that was left was a nub right above where his elbow was. He turned his attention to the TV. ---"Another month and the crime rate keeps going up....." He couldn't help but think he knew the truth. About what was happening. Who would believe him though? And with his life at risk, was it really worth it? Telling the truth? He put his head back under the hood of the car.

Father Authorson is a quiet man. But through the world he is known as a man of great intelligence and spiritual knowledge. The world felt cold. He has known this for a while. His temple in Sweden resembled a castle. With a small staff and several other spiritual advisers, he left his church to run this spiritual spa. A retreat for those who needed it. This spa, with a few large donations from the wealthiest from around the world, became for the people, and was more affordable than most would think. But it was a secret to most also. Almost an invite only sort of place. A loud helicopter hovered above them. USA on the side. They were there to speak to him. Just like the Russians. And the Japanese.

Micheal sat in the window seat on the plane. He was hoping no one would sit in either seat next to him. He has been off duty for a few weeks now. He had 2 months to deal with everything that has been thrown at him. Micheal was invisible. He has a dozen passports, and knew a dozen languages. Micheal is an agent. A man sat next to him. He looked nice enough, and kept smiling. "Where you headed?" He said. "Sweden." Micheal didn't look at him. "Cool, Cool, I'm off to Greenland after the stop in England." Micheal nodded. "What's your name?" The guy wouldn't give up. "Brandon" He lied. "I'm Cody." Micheal knew it was going to be a long flight.

Each person represents something. Cody is the belt of truth. His run in with Micheal takes place 3 years before he looses his arm. Everyone in the group becomes acquainted through time, then they come together for a greater purpose. The government initiates it. With the war in the world, and things as "confusing" as they are the government does 3 things. First it contacts Levi (Crusader) and interrogates him on what is going on from a strictly crime fighting aspect. Are things different? More to handle? Any thing suspicious. those types of things. Second they contact Zach (who works for them) and has him researching, and finding out ANYTHING he can from a technology stand point. are there any statistics, anything he can help them with when it comes to this crime epidemic. The final one you have read a bit of. The last thing they do is contact Authorson. Maybe it is something spiritual? Though the government might not be believers of this, they check anyways. They find nothing though. Levi says some, but doesn't tell them about the pit in his stomach. Same with Arthorson. Zach searches deeper. He feels uneasy. With his access to information, and his hacking ability, he realizes, if they came to me, who else would they go to. He finds files on Levi, and Authorson, and the recent visits from the Government. Then he notices a random folder (top secret) titled Mercury. He opens it up. Marcus Haniger. Nine time Olympic Gold medalist is a meta-human. With the ability to run at superhuman speeds. Zach watches video in slow motion, and sees that Marcus is not even trying to run fast. He finds his email, and sends him a message, subject title: I know who you are........ Cody Archer had the opportunity of a lifetime. The oil company he has been working with for several years flew him to Greenland to offer him a partnership. He was very excited. He has been making tons of money and traveling the world. When he got in front of the corporation things changed. At a site several months earlier something happened. Cody was there when a drill cracked through a tech tonic plate, and an indescribable sound was made by the earth. They quickly shut down, and Cody was very confused. His boss there said not to worry about it. Now in front of the board, The offered him wealth beyond his wildest dreams if only to never say anything about what happened. He declined. Something, just wasn't right. They gave him a chance. Now he doesn't talk about any of it. And he only has one arm. They would finish to job if they had to. After looking at the TV, Cody couldn't help but think he knew what happened. Micheal was on the way to Sweden for a spiritual retreat. working undercover for4 years now, and the recent murder of his parents, the superior officer told him of a spa he should attend. One that invitations were NOT given out. That is where he met Authorson. They have a journey finding David's Sword. But that's a whole other story.

A web is formed out of necessity. because a balance must be maintained.

This is what I have so far. email me at

thank you all, and follow your dreams.

project file: providence characters and ideas copyright 2008 ideasfrommars

Monday, December 1, 2008


Why does it seem like whenever I really need time it's not there.

But on a day like today, when I tell myself, go to work without your drawing pad, try your hardest to just do "work" while you are there.

And I sit. and sit.

I have always had huge time management issues. I remember seasons of my life where I could waste weeks at a time not doing a single thing. I could sleep till 3. Go out, doing absolutely nothing, get home at 2. do absolutely nothing all night long and fall asleep in the morning. wake up at 3 the next day.

Time is almost every artists "Achilles heel" at one point or another. Any REAL artist anyways. sure you could be "artsy" or enjoy "creative things"..... but if you are an artist at heart you know exactly what I am talking about.

Creativity has no clock. And the clock does not wait for creativity. they are nemesis. nemisi? hmm.......

sometimes creativity runs faster than a clock. Thoughts and ideas will poor out. a whole years worth of great concepts or ideas will come out in minutes.

Have you ever seen Heroes? I will probably be bringing it up a bit cause it is the only show i currently watch, and I do recommend it. In Heroes, characters have powers, but over time, and use, they develop them a bit. and learn how to use them, and what the extent of them are.

Besides dashing good looks with an amazing "fade" (the hip term for reseeding hairline) I consider "creativity" and "vision" to be superpowers of mine. A few friend of mine over time have confirmed this saying, "Anyone can tell you a project, or a dream, and you can add on to it, you have great vision for things...." or "You have the gift of vision....."
I think this is an amazing gift, but along with it I have realized something. I can honestly say I am 99 percent sure, as far as creating stories and using my artistic abilities, I believe God has already revealed to me everything I am going to do for the rest of my life. I have had visions for projects upon projects.

then they overflow.

I can tell you one thing that helps a man get over his Achilles heel. Taking his superpower and maximize its ability..........

My wife.
My daughters.

All of a sudden this "time" worry, This "time" concept means nothing to me. I laugh at it. I trust God is in control. I provide for my family. I create stories. I know they will fall into place.

Time will not control me.
All I can do is try my hardest to manage the time I have. Balance it with my family, work, and play. And pray I make the most of it.

All I am is ordinary. But through God I believe I am capable of amazing things.

Like I stated in my first blog you will soon hear of all of the ideas from mars. In good time.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving and Influences

I want to publish my book.

My name is Matthew Rodriguez. And I would love to share with you the dreams of a mad man. The dreams of a dreamer.

Let me set the stage for you with what kind of person I am. And what my influences are.

Zoobilee Zoo and Picture Pages........

I think I lost most of you.

He-Man and Sesame Street.

Ok got some back with me………

Chronicles of Narnia and Mr. Rogers.

Almost everyone.
Finally Stan Lee and Bill Cosby.

For those who were with me all the way realized that I came full circle. We all OBVIOUSLY know Picture Pages was a Bill Cosby children’s show. (or we do now) My influences as a child definitely shape, and helped mold who I am. And for that, along with my parents I am thankful for.

So now we begin. The World within my walls.
The world within my walls is a series of books by co-creator Geoff Haney and I. The first book has been complete. Volume 1: Sons of the Moon has been completed over this past year. Its amazing to see how far we have come.

Book One is about Baron and Baldwin. Two boys, each very different, who discover a magical place hidden inside of the walls of a house in Boston. Shy and quiet Baron finds the world by pulling a vent away from his room wall. Baldwin finds himself literally falling into the world through the fireplace in the library of the house. Inside of this new world, simply called “Eldynwood” by the locals, Baron and Baldwin find themselves meeting each other in the world and finding a great purpose. The Wishmaker, a local magician and fortune teller, and Archer, the one who trains Baron deep in the woods.
I am currently working on an article to write for the Holland Sentinel featuring the book, and our journey in trying to get published. (that’s why I am writing this blog, practice makes perfect!)

Thanksgiving is soon so here is my list:
1. My ladies (Rachel, Ella and Sophia)
2. My boys (Lennon and soon to be born Levi)
3. A good job
4. God
5.The World Within My Walls
6. Everything Chicago
7.Caleb and all of the other babies being born
8. Gateway Community Church
9. Will Smith Movies
10. Lots of Thanksgiving food

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Studio

So it begins.

What is MARS? Where does mars exsist? Well. Its a concept a teenage boy came up with. That boy became a man (insert jokes about my manhood here) that wants to continue to grow the God given dreams he has, and with those ideas, there needs to be a place for them to sit. a place for all of my thoughts to rest. Outside of my head. My name is (M)atthew (A)aron (R)odriguez, and this is my (S)tudio. This will be my brain. M.A.R.S. This will be where my creative thoughts sit, for you to read about. Over flowing notebooks, pads of paper, and drawing books that my wife would love for me to get rid off :) now will be kept in "this" world. Though I will not give up all of my stuff at home, I do think my lovely wife is right. (though she has never told me out loud i have too much stuff, God bless her heart....)

Go ahead now and add this url to your favorites. Come back and check in on me and my thoughts. The currect project right now is The World Within My Walls. A fantasy book that Geoff Haney and I have created. We are at the point where writing agents are being contacted! We are excited, and looking forward to what professionals in the field have to say about our creation.

Five Current Thoughts:

1. Prayers for my daughter, she has pink eye!

2. I like snow this year more than I have in a very long time.

3. Call one of your parents today and tell them you love them, and thats all you needed to say.

4. My wife is going to love her Christmas present.

5. The love of money is evil.

Soon and very soon you will all be hearing about wonderful stories from my head. Titles including: The World within My Walls, Disciple 6, The Webster Robot Show, Demon Hunters, The All Stars, and many more.....