Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow and a TOP 5 Countdown

Right now we are having the most exciting snow fall in Michigan. It's amazing. Not only do I get to brush off 90 cars of snow at the lot, I get to shovel a bit too. Anyways. I thought I would write a bit about what is going on with my life. Not only is this blog for JUST the ideas that I have in my mind. But lets track somethings that have been going on in my life lately! Top 5 count down style:

5. Selling cars. Its been a good month so far. Work at the lot is coming along for me, and I am appreciating this job more and more.

4. The World Within My Walls. The current novel project with best bud and co-creator Geoffrey Haney is going great. Check out the progress at Everything is just rolling along. We have the project out to agents right now. We are hoping soon to get some stuff back. Keep checking in for updates. (we also have some new "promo pics" on the site. By promo pics I do not mean pictures of drawings in the book, I mean pics of US!! (thanks wifey)

3. Kids. My wife and I are expecting another child here in April of 09. Levi Drake will come into the world, and know fully he will be destined to always be better than his older cousin Caleb at EVERYTHING. We are so excited for our families kids (Ella, Sophia, Levi, Ava, Xavier((or whatever the heck Ashley named him)) Caleb, Paul, Tyler, Beverly and Abigael) to all grow up together.

2. Nicknames. Over the years I have been called many things. My mom would say to you that my ONLY name is Matthew. There is no Matt here. Time has passed and they went from Rico, to Rodrigo, to Rod, Roddy...... High School came around and Rod was stuck (Mostly because of Mr Meilke) Post high school they evolved to a Mattybones (which is most used), the mostly never used "Straight edge". Because of my lack of alcohol and drugs in my system. The "pappa rod" a YWAM classic and the Marv's car lot special "Sketchy" Because that's all I do here (besides sell cars obviously) I guess what I am saying is that I like it that I am not just MATT. Just too plain if you ask me.

1. House. This year I purchased a house for my wife for Christmas. I am so happy, and excited to move in, and begin this next chapter in our lives together. With our kids, and our dog Lennon. It is a beautiful house on McKinley, and believe me soon enough all of you will be invited to come and spend time with us. Finally I have space to put up my toys. :)

I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas. Take care and God bless. Thanks for reading this, and being a part of my life.

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Mrs.Haney said...

I am so proud of your accomplishments. You and Rachel rock my world.