Monday, December 1, 2008


Why does it seem like whenever I really need time it's not there.

But on a day like today, when I tell myself, go to work without your drawing pad, try your hardest to just do "work" while you are there.

And I sit. and sit.

I have always had huge time management issues. I remember seasons of my life where I could waste weeks at a time not doing a single thing. I could sleep till 3. Go out, doing absolutely nothing, get home at 2. do absolutely nothing all night long and fall asleep in the morning. wake up at 3 the next day.

Time is almost every artists "Achilles heel" at one point or another. Any REAL artist anyways. sure you could be "artsy" or enjoy "creative things"..... but if you are an artist at heart you know exactly what I am talking about.

Creativity has no clock. And the clock does not wait for creativity. they are nemesis. nemisi? hmm.......

sometimes creativity runs faster than a clock. Thoughts and ideas will poor out. a whole years worth of great concepts or ideas will come out in minutes.

Have you ever seen Heroes? I will probably be bringing it up a bit cause it is the only show i currently watch, and I do recommend it. In Heroes, characters have powers, but over time, and use, they develop them a bit. and learn how to use them, and what the extent of them are.

Besides dashing good looks with an amazing "fade" (the hip term for reseeding hairline) I consider "creativity" and "vision" to be superpowers of mine. A few friend of mine over time have confirmed this saying, "Anyone can tell you a project, or a dream, and you can add on to it, you have great vision for things...." or "You have the gift of vision....."
I think this is an amazing gift, but along with it I have realized something. I can honestly say I am 99 percent sure, as far as creating stories and using my artistic abilities, I believe God has already revealed to me everything I am going to do for the rest of my life. I have had visions for projects upon projects.

then they overflow.

I can tell you one thing that helps a man get over his Achilles heel. Taking his superpower and maximize its ability..........

My wife.
My daughters.

All of a sudden this "time" worry, This "time" concept means nothing to me. I laugh at it. I trust God is in control. I provide for my family. I create stories. I know they will fall into place.

Time will not control me.
All I can do is try my hardest to manage the time I have. Balance it with my family, work, and play. And pray I make the most of it.

All I am is ordinary. But through God I believe I am capable of amazing things.

Like I stated in my first blog you will soon hear of all of the ideas from mars. In good time.

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Take a Look Inside... said...

good post buddy. I needed to hear that. I let time get to me far too easily. It almost paralyzes me from actually accomplishing anything -- the fear that I'll run out of time to do it hinders it from being done at all! Ah the double edged sword...

love ya bitch