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More Michigan weather and Disciple Six

Greetings ladies and gentlemen on this blizzorious Michigan Monday. As much as I love this weather, it's when it doesn't stop that gets a little annoying. After two days, I am to that point. Thinking about the California weather that my brother is in. He is probably freezing at a low 72.

Today we are going to be talking about the project that is probably closest to my heart. Though I think TWWMW's is slightly older than this idea, This is the one that I worked on through High School. This is the one I feel is soooooo amazing. Maybe because it's so simple.

This is Disciple 6.
God bless Bob Ward. Where ever you are. I have tried so hard to get into contact with this guy. Bob is an amazing artist. From what I remember he was a Spawn and Batman lover. He also is to thank for the new Hudsonville Hawkeye logo from a few years back. (a competition he won) I went to Careerline Tech Center with Bob. we bother were in Graphic Art and Design. He was that guy with the "raw" talent. So we joked around a bit in class, and created a group called Disciple 6. (I am not sure what parts he was involved with so forgive me) I just know that we both came up with the people, and the "powers". (and some of those eventually changed) His main creation i remember was Vionne. (who is still the leader) I do know there was a character named Mason, who had guns, that is not in the script. (at the time I was a HUGE fan of Maverick)

I guess all I am trying to say is that this ORIGIN story can not be told without Bob. Because I didn't start this by myself. Besides that beginning I have never seen the kid again. It's the type of situation where I have tied to contact him because I want him to do the art. Anyone see him, let me know.

Now the origin stories of the characters. The overall theme are my babies. Slowly molded for the past 8 years. Everything slowly coming together. They have always been there.

Lets start on the note of Spawn. (for Bob) There are a cast of characters through out comic books that have to do with Apocalyptic or Hell type of situations. Spawn and Ghost Rider are the two main ones that come to mind, but i know that there are more. Situation is: Guy dies. Goes to Hell. Satan says, here are some powers, you can go back, if you do what I tell you to. Guy goes back with powers....... AND DECIDES to be a good guy!!! yeahhhhh. wow. that's cool. (slightly sarcastic) oh yeah. HELLBOY. that's another one with sort of the same story. Now lets beat up Satan!!! Yeah. :

So. I got to thinking. People in general (the secular world) is totally down with this story cause its cool. I want people to die. GO TO HEAVEN and have God give them bad ass powers. (cause he could right???) Though that is not at all the point of my stories. that is what happens. They die. they get powers and come back. Cool right? There is still so much more.

The characters think that it is an "apocalyptic" story. So at times some of them have a bit of an annoying "he is coming soon" attitude. But that's not what its about. Let me break it down because I know my thoughts are kind of sporadic.
Six people die. All at different points in time. All very tragic. All very raw. Each death goes hand and hand with their "gift":


Zacheus / Z
unknown time : unknown death : Advanced body and mind


Roberto Ward
Medieval time period : Killed from behind : Ability to create a "forceshield" with his arm

Anthony Childress
1852 : Killed by his slave owner : Bones are unbreakable


Able Kissinger (on the right)
1957 : Died in school fire : Ability to create explosive energy


Leonard Maddox
2001 : Killed by white suits : Mutant wings


Michelle Chambers

Not so distant future : Raped and killed walking home from hospital : Ability to heal

Z is the only one we do not see a "glimpse" of his past. He currently has no origin story other that, he says he is zacheus from the bible. You know, the wee little man. Sometimes the others are not so sure if he is, or if he is just crazy.

So. Robert is Stabbed. Anthony shot by his owner. Able saved a little girl at the school. Leonard was hunted down. Michelle was a student and nurse in Chicago. I do not want to shy away from any of there origins. They all mean so much to why they are the way they are. Michelle prays while her tragedy is happening, please God, heal me...... (get it?)

The Library.

God is not seen in this series. (visually) Either is Satan. They are talked about. Talked to. But this is about here. I want to find a fine line of preaching, but not. Know what I mean? I think that i could make this whole thing very compelling, but flirt at points with people either saying, "That's Christian crap" or "This is too bad to be a christain book" I want to flirt with that line because of the book of Matthew. (the why would a doctor hang out with healthy part, man i can't remember the address!)

The Library is the good book. It is the book of all of the names that are in Heaven. It is a beautiful huge room full of books. Each alpha by country. The ladder that slides across and everything. I thought that this would be a great visual to represent the book, and also be there to use as a meeting spot. There is the curator/keeper to the room. An angel of sorts. this is the closest these 6 get to heaven. This is where they are told, that they have been chosen to go back. Another great plot for the "Book" is that at the end of the first story arc, the angel is sitting in a big chair, and the "Narrator" voice says. "They do not know what they have gotten themselves into...." In the back ground you see an empty spot on the wall. There are two beautiful books right to the left of the empty spot. It reads "The Book of Angels Vol. 1/3" And 2/3. The third one is missing, representing the third of angels that left heaven when Satan decided to leave. Right there I sort of have endless ideas in what to do with the future. But as of right now, this is all about the origins, and the "Libertine" story arc.
Anyways there is so much more to tell about it. But I will say one thing. I draw everything "superhero" ish. So don't let the images scare you. I really don't know what format this is going to be in. But I do have a soft spot for comics.
Let me know what you think. You can email me at or just let me know by leaving a comment on here! Thanks! Disciple Six characters and story lines copyright ideasfrommars 2008.

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