Friday, January 9, 2009

A New Season of Old Things

I remember a time where I had a good "image" of who I wanted to be as I got older. Everyone wants to be cool, or smart, or good looking.... But I remember having an image of myself in middle school of who I wanted to become when I was a man. I don't know what other way to describe it, only by saying if I was to make every right decision in my life thats how it would have turned out. Well. I have been thinking about that lately. About the man I have become. I have to fully admitt that there were a couple years there that not only am I not proud of myself. But I can actually remember thinking the words "what happened to that little boy, with all the promise in the world, to create, serve God firstmost, and live a crazy life books are written about...."

Well. God has completely taken over my life, in a good way. As much as sometimes I wish I did something different, or chose a different lifestyle, or occupation. I fully realize, and understand that God has the best things for me, and to trust that. Now I reflect on my life. I have a beautiful wife, two wonderful daughters, a boy on the way. Lets not forget Lennon. A new house. A creative partner that drives me, and we work great together. THe list goes on and on.

All because of God. He has given me so much. I look at my life now, and I think "I still have plenty of time to prove to middle school me, 'don't worry little mattybones, you are not going to be dissapointed with your life, you will create, serve God, and live a crazy cool life....'" I mean, look what I have done in 3 years time:

Lived in California
Lived in Africa
Lived in Michigan
Made a Baby ;)
Got Married to a Model
Bought a House
Wrote a Book with a great friend
Sell Cars!
Worked at Blockbuster

I mean, seriously?!?! Thats all me. Let me correct that. That's all God. all because of him. I have been blessed greatly.

So I would like to dedicate this new year, the year of 2009 to "Old Things." To become the man that little me would be sooooo proud to become. There is still a chance for all of us.

2009. A Year of Passion.

Thanks all. Just to let you know also, new posts of characters, ideas and many more thoughts. All coming from MARS soon.


Mrs.Haney said...

This is a great blog. Nice work little Mattybones.

minervacullen said...

sniff sniff