Monday, January 26, 2009

Sanding Floors and Opening Doors

This past Saturday I spent most of the day sanding a wood floor in my newly purchased home. It did take a long time, all I had was a hand sander, and a quart of stain. Well, several hours later, and some creative thinking by myself, we have a beautiful stylish floor (still in need of 2 finishing coats)

I am looking forward to all kinds of small projects like this around the house that put our little finger print on it. Truly making it our "home"

Geoff told me yesterday that he went to see the movie "inkheart" and said it was great. He also said that there are some similarities with this story, and the one that we have written in Fantasy ideas are like that I think. I believe most ideas have been written, but I also believe that how you tell a story, what the characters are like, and what kind of plot/motives/"little things" that are also in it that make it truly original. Hopefully that is what we have done.

(Side note: unlike the mixed reviews it got, "City of Ember" rated PG, was an AMAZINGLY creative movie, and i really enjoyed everything about it. Sheck it out!!!!)

New ideas like writing a book about my father have started to invade my mind. I think that a book about him growing up, along with his parents and their story would be really really cool. (this idea will definitely be expanded on later)

I have so much going on in my mind its really hard to describe, or put down on keyboard. ;)
My family is wonderful as always. Homelife is great.

I am a fan of:
bacon on pizza
kurt warner
honda elements
sophia grey
butch walker (3/7/9)
wood floors
funny internet clips
jim rome

I am not a fan of:
eli manning
this weather
people who think Obama represents them,
when Obama does not have anything in common with them at all

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