Friday, January 16, 2009

putting aside time forgot / forgod

Why are we so "caught up"?

For me, it almost always feels like there are not enough hours in the day for me to even live. On a day like today, the sun is shinning bright, and the snow is beautiful, I wish I could pull my girls around in a sled, take them to the park, and then home for hot chocolate. But here I am working. It puzzles me.
We work hard, to provide right? People work harder, and more, because of cost of living. House, car, phone, internet, cell phone, insurance, cable, food, clothes, toys..... the list goes on and on. Did we do this to ourselves? All I wish for is more time with my family. I have a blessed life, but I sometimes question my motives for things.
If I was to work part time at Target. Rachel work part time at JC, and we completely CRUSH our cost of living. Eff the cell phones, eff the internet (which I am on ;) eff cable, eff 2 cars, eff toys and clothes (only from goodwill), Guess what I just did. I just started living a "slower" life, a life with time for family, and God. I have killed my consumming addiction, and I have TIME. Time should not be wasted. We WASTE so much time on things that don't matter. I have to admitt, I love watching the NBA and I haven't in almost a month. Its KILLING me. but does it matter? I tell you one thing, I have spent more time dancing with my daughters, and more time sitting at the table talking to my wife this past month than I really did before. And thats what I like. Its so hard to try and be a hippy in a country like ours.

What matters to you? LIVE that. I have a motto that I have always wanted to live by, and now, realizing these past few years I have been able to. "Live a life worth writing down. Live a life worth reading to your children....."

I am by no way saying quite your job! eff america!!!

I am just saying that when walking daily with God, I feel like my eyes see more. I feel like my eyes have more of a "birds eye view" on things.

Do you believe in God? Really? Like really really believe in the Bible? what it says???? Then what the HECK are we doing? If you really believe that the Bible is historically acurate, and that revelations is an "idea" of what is to come in the end of times.... THAT means that we, us, NOW, is a part of that. we are a little sliver of time in the Bible. All the heroes, and Gods people in there.... man they lived crazy cool lives. I want that.

soooo.... now that I am done with my ramble, I will leave on this note:

I know I should make more time for God.

I want to be a Bible character.

I pray for good time management.


Have you ever wondered... said...

amen brother

Mrs.Haney said...

This is an amazing testimony for what you want your life to be. I completely understand everything you're feeling.