Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Most of you know that I am very artistic, and am torn between staying ink-free, and getting tattoos. lots of them.

I finally got one. a while ago. All because of something that happened to me.

lets relive that moment by sharing a myspace blog from 2 years ago.


piano for me.

A staff member that owned a keyboard let us know one day that the chord was broken. and we could no longer practice on it. focusing on piano and music this 3 months before heading to africa i was saddened by this.... fast forward to later that afternoon, when i was reading the book "is that really you God" by loren cunningham, founder of YWAM. and i stopped and thought, lets pray for it. there were three other people in the room, amy and matt, who also are in the piano track, and stephanie. they agreed with an ok, and we began to pray, just asking that God would put the thoughts of donating a piano, or maybe let us know where we could find one to practice on.. those kinds of soon as we were done, matt continued to look online for free pianos and we all continued with our day, for about a minute. and i thought...... NO God. with in a minute of praying God told me to go walk. (keep in mind i have crutches for my ankle :( ) No God... i dont want to do that i thought. and stephanie said what are you thinking. "god just told me to go walk, and go door to door looking for a piano."God has told me to walk before, but i have never listened.."go" she said. NO i replied. thats i opened up my bible to look for verses on needs, because we felt like we needed this piano. i went to the concordance and the word OBEY jumped out at me......DANG IT. he wants me to go."i have to go" i said to the three of them.stephanie came with we walked down the block i had no idea what i was doing. it felt like the stupidest thing in the world...that house? she said.No. i replied......and then we looked across the road at a house with a guy in the window.lets go talk to him. she said.OK. i just felt more comfortable acually knowing someone was was our first we walked up, the man, who's name was Tidy came out, walking toward his truckthis is when it got uncomfortable.literally stumbling over words i crutch up saying.excuse me sir. hi, how are you.... i was just wondering, if you know of some where i could get a piano/?? or if someone wanted to donate one for us to practice on. and a bit about what we were doing.the first words he said were "why did you guys come so late!"lol.steph and i looked at each other. and tidy grabbed his phone to make some calls, he explained that he is a painter, and he was painting a house back in november, and an old lady kept telling him to "take this paino, take it out, i dont want it anymore."but he never took it cause he had no use for it, "what do i want a paino for, he said.this guy was calling friends, and even the operator trying to find this ladys number. steph looked at me and said, you know what, even if this doesnt work out, we still met this really nice guy, and hes doing this for us. its a great experience. yeah, i thought. i did listen to god. this is really nice........and then, all of a sudden while he was still calling people a moving truck pulled up to the house next door. and it had a HUGE PICTURE OF A PIANO on the side.......i looked at steph, and laughed. i was listening to god. he had let me know that. the men simply got out of the truck, smiled, went into the house, came out 30 seconds later, smiled, and left. the only thing they did was check, the entry on how they were going to get something those guys, that day, decided just to stop, check on something and then leave?i dont know of to many movers who stop and check out things. it was odd. but, i am thankful that the day they decided to, i decided to listen to God.Tidy would get back to us. and i crutched home with a 2 we learned about tidys life, family and some struggles. and asked if we could pray for him at 3 we brought him leftover enchaladas and he have us the number to alice morgan.we visited alice the next day.and brought a piano home the next.there is more story, but. i just wanted to let you know. that listening to Gods voice is something i am learning more about. and i am thankful for that.if you have any questions or comments, let me know.just a little story. :) that happened to me..and i have a piano now.

Cool huh.


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Mrs.Haney said...

I loved this story the first time I heard it. I loved it even more the second time around.