Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My takes on Baseball and Monopoly Money

Ok. It has been a little while. But these past few days have got me all hot and bothered and I need to do a little venting. so here you are, and here I am. Thanks for listening ahead of times, its days like this that I am glad you are here.

BASEBALL. steroids. Seems like hand and hand lately. In an attempt to help you understand how I feel about the whole situation as a whole, I will explain that I have two opinions. And there are two sides to every story.

I am not for the use of illegal substances. Obviously it is wrong. For the past handful of years I have found it to be comical how the excuse for using ILLEGAL substances within the laws of the U.S. have been "it wasn't Illegal in baseball....." lol. seriously? because it wasn't written in the baseball rules, that makes it ok. Did you know that the baseball games/teams and players are in the U.S.???

and then there is the other side of it. Lets say HGH is good for people. Doctors are already using it to help common people like you and me get stronger and/or healthier. (people like us who do NOT actually abuse our bodies with our occupation) Are you telling me that steroids like this should be DENIED to people, that their occupation is to ABUSE and use there own body to the highest performance possible.

seems sort of backwards. ex:

well Jon, what do you do? ohhh you sell glasses to people. oh ok. and a bit of indoor men's volleyball. ok. well, we are going to get you on this steroid, and hopefully it will help get those knees back into good working form. remember to wear those knee pads.

well Jon, what do you do? ohhh you play a professional sport? oh wow thats cool. you work out, and train, and give 100% every time out on the floor, leaving everything. and training your body to work in PEAK physical ability? well, we do have some steroids that could help you (ALOT) but we really shouldn't be giving you this stuff. cause well, your body needs to fix it self without these medical discoveries. It compromises the game. I know I know, we give this stuff to everyone who isn't an athlete, but. we want our sports to be "pure".

I know I am being very general. I am talking about HGH and things of that nature more than I am talking about steroids to a certain degree.

now on to the game of life.

Can we make things simple. For one second. So you are telling me that we (as a country) are going to MAKE more money (that doesn't come from anywhere) and we are going to give it to everyone hoping that life gets better?


My personal statement is: We are too weak of a country to admit that we are wrong, and we are going to make life very hard for our future generations, instead of us just dealing with the problems right now.

It is the cycle of LIFE.

if it is broken. it needs fixing.

not a band aid. fixing.

Personally I think a fall flat on our faces would do this country some damn good.
people would stop complaining about gays, churches, and politics.

they would be united in ONE crisis. MONEY.

not pretend money.

real money.

Guess what is going to happen. Guaranteed. People will get checks. and they will do what they did before. they will pay off debt. they will help themselves.

that is not helping the economy.

that is giving a get out of jail free card.

its a big difference.

again. I am all for helping people. But to literally say, "I am going to help the CURRENT American people, and in 10-15 when I am not president and stuff goes wrong, I wont be here."

I care about my grand kids. they are not here yet.

I would much rather live a shitty life. a life of hard times than them.

that is what I want.

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Mrs.Haney said...

Wow. Matt, your mind never ceases to amaze me.