Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mustache March and New Wings for Old Things

Greetings Ladies and Gents.

Welcome to Mustache March. Where upper lips everywhere get a little warmer during this brisk Michigan weather. I hope you all (obviously men......) are going to participate. I would love to see some nice stache' pics at the end of this month.

My story Disciple Six is now taking on new life, thanks to Geoffrey Haney. My story arc for the series is going through a little bit of retooling, and some good writing is being added. All is the same though, so do not worry, Disciple Six is still the same beautiful story it has always been, just now told with a little bit more description.

While that is happening, an artist named Kevin who lives in Cali and I have been talking about him doing the art for the project. Things have been going very smooth in this process, but part of me also thinks I could find a great local artist (kendall/grand valley) who would be a short drive away. Do you know of anyone? hmm........

So with Geoff co-writing my creation, and Kevin possibly doing some sketches, hopefully shortly some of these things will be coming together nicely. (for the purpose of an image submission)

The stories and Characters that I have for D6 are going to be some of the most tragic and compelling ideas I have had.

Little Levi Drake will be with us soon. My wife is beyond sick of being prego. we just pray that he is healthy and born soon! we have about a month to go so it will be a little bit. Until then we shall paint rooms, and built play sets in the yard.

We also bought Sophia Grey a car bed. Man that thing is nice. And she can't fall out of it.

Ella is getting big. And really good at drawing (she gets that from my side)

Hopefully things warm up and everyone will come over for a grill out!



Have you ever wondered... said...


D6 is off the chizzain.

Mrs.Haney said...

Matt, I flippin love your family. I can't wait to see Levi, and if you guys need help with ANYTHING, please don't hesistate to ask. This is going to be a good month. I can feel it!

mrsrod said...

I think you should ask that guy from Kendall that we seen on the news. He seems really put together.