Monday, March 30, 2009

The Dragon Has Arrived

Greetings family and friends. Last night Rachel and I decided to go to the hospital. About 3:46 in the morning Levi Drake came into the world.

So it has already been a great day for the Rodriguez family. Levi says hello and he can't wait to meet you.

Ella Shay and Sophia Grey were very excited to meet their little brother Levi Drake today. Sophia was very interested in his feet and face, and she loved to touch his hair.

A little insight on this past month for the Rodriguez family:


Rach and I got to go and see our favorite musician Butch Walker in Grand Rapids. Our first time seeing Butch was last year @ the House of Blues in Cleveland OHIO. It was Rachels birthday gift to me. The sad thing is, we were taking pictures outside in line for a while, and no joke, our camera broke right when we walked in!! So all of our amazing memories from that show were just 3x5's in our mind.

This time around was a bit different. As a valentines day present for my wife, I purchased Butch tickets for a March show in GRap. I am always a bit nervous to do this kind of stuff on-line, but we knew that this tour he was playing smaller venues and it was for the wife, so i did. My daughter Sophia even dressed up for the show (but she didn't get to go)

Within a week A friend of mine whose name will be left unsaid to keep his identity safe (his name rhymes with Feenan) told me he couldn't get tickets, but I did. Which meant that I was one of the first 30 tickets to be purchased. THIS meant that I would get to MEET BUTCH and my wife and I would get to watch him warm up, and a meet and greet!!! what an honor. and soo..........

Preshow:Meeting the Artist:
Time to Rock:

The concert was amazing. It was alot of fun hanging out with my friends who were at the show also.


This month has also been a good month for MARVS car lot. We have been selling alot of cars, and I continue to learn more about the industry, and sales, and even meeting more and more people in the community.


This past month or so, my wife and I have been playing Dominoes on Fridays. After dinner either at my parents house or mine, Luis and Dawn, along with Rachel and I have found a new addiction. Mexican Train Dominoes. Seriously. If you havent played yet you need to come over to my house. I will teach you, and you will love it.

4. And now I leave you with these:

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Mrs.Haney said...

I'm pretty sure I've never seen a more beautiful family! I'm so proud of you two and all of your accomplishments. I can't wait to meet Levi.

P.S. Geoff and I have never played Dominoes, so you'll have to teach us.