Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Studio

So it begins.

What is MARS? Where does mars exsist? Well. Its a concept a teenage boy came up with. That boy became a man (insert jokes about my manhood here) that wants to continue to grow the God given dreams he has, and with those ideas, there needs to be a place for them to sit. a place for all of my thoughts to rest. Outside of my head. My name is (M)atthew (A)aron (R)odriguez, and this is my (S)tudio. This will be my brain. M.A.R.S. This will be where my creative thoughts sit, for you to read about. Over flowing notebooks, pads of paper, and drawing books that my wife would love for me to get rid off :) now will be kept in "this" world. Though I will not give up all of my stuff at home, I do think my lovely wife is right. (though she has never told me out loud i have too much stuff, God bless her heart....)

Go ahead now and add this url to your favorites. Come back and check in on me and my thoughts. The currect project right now is The World Within My Walls. A fantasy book that Geoff Haney and I have created. We are at the point where writing agents are being contacted! We are excited, and looking forward to what professionals in the field have to say about our creation.

Five Current Thoughts:

1. Prayers for my daughter, she has pink eye!

2. I like snow this year more than I have in a very long time.

3. Call one of your parents today and tell them you love them, and thats all you needed to say.

4. My wife is going to love her Christmas present.

5. The love of money is evil.

Soon and very soon you will all be hearing about wonderful stories from my head. Titles including: The World within My Walls, Disciple 6, The Webster Robot Show, Demon Hunters, The All Stars, and many more.....

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