Thursday, October 1, 2009

Submission Synopsis

Hey friends and family, just thought I would share with you the synopsis letter that I have to send in to the comic book company, along with 7 finished pages. It just might help you get to know the story I have been working on a little bit better. I am also in the process of building a website for Disciple 6 (being done by homebrewer himself, and fellow 01 graduate Matt Michielsen)

Here it is. It has to be under one page long. Let me know what you think!


Imagine living your life, searching for a purpose, a meaning to it all, only to discover that in death you will finally achieve that purpose. Disciple 6 tells the tale of six such individuals from many different paths. Living lives of faith and compassion only to have them horrifically ripped away. Yet they have been selected and given a choice: continue to heaven, or return with a gift that could change the world. Long ago a being known only as the scribe, trusted guardian of The Domicle Archives (the physical records of all names marked for heaven and hell), was charged with forming a team to prepare for the coming wars. Throughout time he has set apart those worthy to serve.
First there was Zacheaus, or Z [code name: Rook], a man from biblical times whose life and death remain a mystery to even those closes to him. Next came Robert Ward [code name: Vionne], the group’s field leader, a knight of medieval times stabbed from behind by his own power hungry cousin. Then there was Anthony Childress [code name: Hazard], a strong yet gentle man who grew up as a slave on an early plantation, whose throat was cut after attempting to escape to freedom. Moving ahead to Abel Kissinger [code name: Cordite], a young art teacher, is chosen after saving a young girl from a fire. Then came the 5th member, a unique man named Leonard Maddox [code name: Griffith]. Born into this world as an anomaly, Leonard possesses large tan wings, and the feet of a lion. He is captured by a group of mysterious men; he simply calls The White Suits. Leonard later signs on with the team and awaits the arrival of the sixth member, and instructions as to their role in coming events.
This is where Patience or Passion, the first story arc begins. Leonard, restless struggles with waiting for the next member. He often takes his anger out on the evil that lurks in the city’s dark places. On numerous occasions, against Z’s instructions Leonard leaves the safety of The Sanctuary, a rundown church that serves as the team’s base of operations, in order to fight crime.
When it is announced that billion-dollar corporation DOZTECH INDUSTRIES is set to begin production on project: Cypacor, robotic policing units for the city. Christopher Dozman, younger brother to DOZTECH owner Mitchell, has plans on using these Robots for his own twisted will. Christopher has been in and out of the insane ward, honing in his abilities to control minds.
With the pending arrival of sixth member, a raped and murdered medical student named Grace Chambers [code name: Remedy], the team embarks on an intelligence mission following the Doztech company. While out near a Doztech warehouse Leonard spots men in white suits. Fueled by anger from his past, Leonard blindly follows them against orders. He falls into a trap that leads to the removal of his feet, and one of his wings. Before the removal of the second wing, the guys save him, and get him back to base, right in time for the 6th, Remedy, with her gift of healing, to help our broken friend.
Disciple 6 is sure to leave fans of traditional comic art, team dynamics, complex characters, and exciting story lines begging for more. Though the religious overtones are prevalent and important to the authors, this is by no means a tale written only for religious thinkers. Nor should it be marketed that way. This is a story of faith – faith in a higher calling, faith in our own abilities and beliefs, and faith in each other. “God” is not a character in these stories, only The Scribe who acts on His behalf. If Hellboy, Spawn, Ghost Rider, and Johnny Constantine can exist in the comic realm, why not a team such as this? I am confident people will find these stories of struggles compelling, even if it happens to be the “good” supernatural being giving out all the cool powers!
Disciple 6 is a creation of Matthew A. Rodriguez, with illustrations by Andrew Budnick. The entire 5 issue miniseries has been outlined and the opening act of issue one: An Ordinary Knight has been included in this submission. Thank you very much for this opportunity, and if you are looking for a comic that is authentic, and tells new and engaging stories, look no further. Welcome to the world of Disciple 6.

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