Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Well hello there friends. Welcome to 2010. A new year for new things. Life has been good to me. The remodel is coming along. Slower than hoped, but it hasn't really been a priority so I can't get too mad at myself for it. Blogging hasn't really been a priority either, as you can see.... But hey, I don't want to get too wrapped up in this Internet stuff right? When life is happening all around me. But an occasional ramble is always a good thing.
My kids are getting so big. Levi Drake is crawling around like a mad man, and smiling all the time. Also dealing with his sisters is obviously making him stronger. Sophia Grey's personality is growing also. Putting words together, asking questions. She is at that age where she is using words that we didn't teach her. I look at her thinking where did you learn that? Then i realize she HEARS it. so she says it. (i am not talking about BAD words here, just random ones, like "on top of" or "I am too high from the ground to pick it up...." Seriously? Sophia? You are too HIGH from picking up the toy off the ground? right.... Ella Shay, dancer dancer, loosing teeth like its going out of style. She is such an adult. She usually gets ready in the morning by herself. She also gets to take out "her dog" (Sophia says)
Work is going well. Still so much to learn about the selling of cars. And dealing with customers can be trying sometimes. I find myself complaining sometimes and I do not want to become that guy. That is not me.
City of Ember. have you ever seen that movie? Its based on a book (I haven't read) but the movie was very surprising. the "idea" behind it all was very interesting. I recommend those of you who haven't seen it to check it out. As we were laying there watching it, my wife (pregnant at the time with Levi) said, "we should name the baby Ember..." I looked at her red hair and thought to myself, it could be cool, but Levi was kind of what we were set on. Now Ember still lives on in my character that I created along time ago. Though a name was never set, Ember fits Perfectly. And guess what his real name is..... Levi Drake. (Drake means Dragon). Its funny how a life of making superheroes, powers, and stories, most of the great stuff comes from my wife, and it inspires me. I really like being a creative thinker. I try my hardest to create, and think of things that have never been thought of before. Some believe it can't be done. Some think the only thing to do is copy what others thing. I say poop on that!
Disciple 6 is moving right along. Its been such a blessing. Things that started just as thoughts in my mind, with the help of an eager artist wanting to break into the industry, and now the pro from Australia, who puts the finishing touches on things. This REALLY turns these sketches into the final product. This will be the last image I show the public. The rest I really feel like I should keep private until we finally do our submission. With that I leave you with the title page (not including script) I think that this is going to be a great year. At the end of the day, the only one that can stop me is myself. I have been blessed with a dream.

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Mrs.Haney said...

Amazing. So excited for you Matt!