Friday, June 25, 2010

Commission Work & Refreshed Synopsis and Story

Just wanted to share with those who occasionally stumble across this blog a recent commission I had done by a great artist named Carlo. His website is and he does amazing work. here is the picture he did (along with my colors):
Its more of a cartoon look to it and I think its really good. Thanks again Carlo!! Also I wanted to share an updated synopsis and story. When looking at the submission process, I have read that in telling a synopsis, you should be able to sum up the idea in one to two sentences. Man that is hard!!! But it was something that has helped me along with all of the brainstorming, and drafts.

Disciple 6

Disciple 6 is a story about a select group of individuals chosen by a supernatural power to walk past their own deaths and into a bigger destiny. Upon the horrific deaths that each of them endure, they are posed with a simple question: Continue to the afterlife? Or a new chance to live? With new found abilities, each one of The Cast battles with their own emotions, and have questions about purpose.

Our stories begin with the wait for the next member to die to this world, and arrive in the afterlife. But quickly all plans need to change when The Rook, founder of The Cast is confronted by a higher power, telling him to send who he has to rescue someone who is special to him. So Rook stays and awaits the next member’s arrival, as he sends Vionne, Hazard and Cordite to save someone they have never met.

Drawn in a traditional comic art style Disciple 6 has an original concept to back up the great art. Readers that enjoy team dynamics, complex characters, and exciting storylines will find Disciple 6 right up their alley.

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